Hey Chris,

I really like your response to Terry. I can totally relay to what you say. The experiences that I've encountered so far and what I heard from other designer are far from how it was thought as a quite linear process in a book. Thanks for this reply!

Now I do have a question too. As you write a lot about UX, about sales and collaboration and you have also experience in working as a sole designer in a team what would be your best tips / take aways for a sole designer on a team. Cause as a sole designer I believe not that much will end up at the 'Design Graveyard' and you don't want to be seen as redundant.

More concrete:

How do you manage your time and deliverables as a sole designer on a team? Taking in to account that development has limited time available to work on your projects and you have to work on Research, information architecture, Interaction design and UI.

Really curious what you think / what your tips are.

Thanks in advance!


I’m Maarten I share my journey how I became a Designer with no design background or art talent.

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