Thanks for sharing this story Chris.

I fully agree with this visualisation super power you mention, and as you say it's not something that's always on top of mind. But I think that's with most skills. I remember when I studied economics & psychology and was never on top of class. I thought I wasted all my time there and learned basically nothing. Until I started my Masters in Serious Games and figured out that the way I thought was significantly different than the other students with no business like background.

How do you deal with the fact that this is a great super power, but at the same till it is something that is not always impressive. What I mean here, is that when you visualize something and the other person doesn't like the idea of your visualisation he will not be impressed. It's a great super power but at the same time it's a very vulnerable one.

looking forward to hear you thoughts, and keep sharing these stories love it!

Best, Maarten



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Maarten van Hoogdalem

I’m Maarten I share my journey how I became a Designer with no design background or art talent.